Charities We Have Supported

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." ~Sir Winston Churchill

Twice a year, over the summer and on Boxing Day, our Society makes donations to organizations in need.  Below is an on-going list of those organizations we have donated to over the years.

1.  Our membership chose the Mill House Animal Sanctuary outside of Sheffield, England for our first ever donation for Boxing Day 2007.  Pictures of the animals and more information can be found at

2.  Summer 2008, our members voted to give a grant to the Wokingham District Scout Council (Boy Scouts)to cover their costs for a training seminar as part of their five year plan to boost the Scouts in the Wokingham area of England.  The Scouts wanted to boost membership and modernize their activities.

3.  Palm Beach Harvest was the recipient of our 2008 Boxing Day donation.  Palm Beach Harvest collects and distributes food to most of the food banks in Palm Beach County.  Our is going to help those in need locally during this time of economic uncertainty.  More information is available at 

4.  Our Summer 2009 donation went to Map Action UK.  Map Action is a UK-based charity that creates maps using GIS software to aid in disaster relief.  This amazing charity provides assistance around the world, and when done, leaves the maps behind for the countries so they may continue to rebuild with the information after the relief agencies depart.  Check out Map Action at

5.  Our December 2009 Boxing Day donation went to the St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.  Many of the members have been to Windsor Castle and have experienced the St. George's Chapel first-hand.  The donation will go to the general fund to help maintain this historic chapel for the millions that visit annually.  More information about the St. George's Chapel and the College of St. George at Windsor Castle can be found at

6.  In January 2010, our membership voted to donate funds raised from a raffle of Cartier Palm Beach items to help those in need in Haiti after the devastating earthquake.  We donated to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.  The website has been shut down.

7.  Summer 2010, our membership chose to donate to Map Action UK again.  The Darlingtons (members) matched the donation from our society.  Map Action UK is a charity that creates GIS maps to aid in disaster relief.  Assistance is provided for free, to any country in need worldwide.  The maps are created almost daily to help the governments and relief agencies in rebuilding, distribution of medicine and food, and determining where more assistance is needed.  At the end, the maps are left with the country.  Check out Map Action UK at

8.  For Boxing Day 2010, our membership chose to donate to Prince Charles' charity, the Prince's Regeneration Trust.  More information about the Regeneration Trust can be found at  "The Prince's Regeneration Trust's projects enable under-used or redundant historic buildings to perform a new function, unlocking a regeneration of the wider community.  The Trust works in all four parts of the United Kingdom generating a capacity to share learning and project experience."

9.  To celebrate the beautiful marriage of Prince William to Catherine Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, our membership chose to donate to one of their selected charities:  The Community Foundation in Wales.  More information about this charity can be found at

10.  For our 2011 Summer donation, the membership voted to donate to Shelter Box.  This UK-based organization provides emergency boxes of needed items to those in need worldwide.  Find out more at

11.  For Boxing Day 2011, our membership chose to donate to The St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.  This money will be used to maintain the chapel and facilities for the millions that visit and are inspired each year.  Learn more about the chapel at

12.  At our 2011 holiday tea, the Society auctioned off seven copies of the official Royal Wedding program.  The proceeds were donated to The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.  The purchase of the programs also supported this foundation.  More information about the princes' charity work can be obtained at

13.  Spring 2012, our membership voted to Adopt-A-Boss at the St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in honor of St. George's Day 2012.  This is a new initiative to have individuals or groups adopt one of the ancient ceiling bosses to help restore and maintain them.  Learn more about this preservation program at

14.  For Boxing Day 2012, our membership chose to donate to Outward Bound UK.  This charity teaches leadership skills via outdoor activities.  Prince Andrew is the patron.  Find more information at

15.  In honor of the birth of HRH Prince George of Cambridge, our society made a donation in August 2013 to the Tusk Trust to aid in their conservation efforts of elephants and rhinoceroses.  This charity is a favorite of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  It was announced that elephant & rhino stuffed animals will be in the baby's nursery to encourage his love of conservation.  More information on their great work can be found at

16.  For Boxing Day 2013, our membership voted to make another donation to The Prince's Regeneration Trust.  The Trust has worked to preserve and re-purpose over 70 different properties in all four parts of the United Kingdom.  The Trust was founded and is actively supported by Prince Charles who is also it's patron.  Learn more at

17.  We split our Summer 2014 donation between two worthy charities.  We donated to the Prince's Trust and Bug Life.  The Prince's Trust  works to educate and improve the lives of 13-30 year olds in the UK.  Prince Charles is the patron.  Bug Life also received a donation to aid their efforts to inventory bugs, restore brownfield areas with wildflowers, and conserve the bugs in the UK that are necessary to life.  Donations were made via the White Feather Foundation (also a worthy charity founded by Julian Lennon)

18.  In honor of the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, we selected the Magna Carta 800th organization to be the recipient of our Boxing Day 2014 donation.  The money we donated will be used to support the new research facility located near Runnymeade.  The Magna Carta was signed by King John I on June 15, 1215 at the insistence of Archbishop of Canterbury Stephen Langton and John's barons.  Queen Elizabeth II is patron.  Learn more at

19.  We split our Summer 2015 donation between two charities.   Our first donation was to Tusk Trust to aid in their conservation efforts of elephants and rhinoceroses.  The donation was made in honor of the birth of Princess Charlotte.  The other donation was given to the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts.

20.  The Boxing Day 2015 donation recipient was Project Hope Britain.  This organization is currently focusing on the needs of children in Africa.  The organization is the British arm of Project Hope founded in the US in 1958.  Learn more at

21.  Proceeds from our first ever Fashion Show and Luncheon in March 2016 were donated to Florida Atlantic University's History Department to create a British History Endowment Chair in our society's name!

22.  The Summer 2016 donation was given to the English National Opera to assist in supporting their ENO Harewood Artists Programme that supports the training and mentoring of young singers.  The ENO is a partner organization to ours, so we were thrilled to be able to support this initiative.  Learn more at

23.  Our Boxing Day 2016 donation recipient was the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.  We are all quite aware of the danger bees face in our chemically-saturated world, as well as the dangers we all face if the bee population continues to be endangered.  More information about this hard-working organization can be found at

24.  At our 10th birthday party, we chose our Summer 2017 donation recipient, The Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond, North Yorkshire.  It is the oldest working theatre in its original form in England.  It was built in 1788.  The donation will help to fund the maintenance of this historic building plus provide financial support for their children's theatre training program.

25.  Boxing Day 2017, we donated to multiple worthy charities from our soccer social.  All are charities we have donated to in the past (more info above).  Recipients are:  Bumblebee Conservation Trust UK, The White Feather Foundation, Tusk Trust, Prince's Regeneration Trust, and St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

26.  Our most successful event to date, the Chef McGrady "Dining Royally" dinner event allowed us to donate to two charities.  A smaller donation went to the Palm Beach County Food Bank and the majority of the proceeds went to The Trussell Trust, a UK-based foundation that supports over 400 food banks.  Learn more at

27.  In honor of the marriage of HRH Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle, now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, on May 19, 2018, we made a donation to one of the African charities that Prince Harry has been the patron of for a while:  Rhino Conservation Botswana.  This charity is making great strides in the research and conservation of rhinos in the country in which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fell in love.  Go to to learn more.  

28.  In honor of the birth of Prince Louis, the Society made a donation to Tusk Trust to aid in their conservation efforts of elephants and rhinoceroses.  This charity is a favorite of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and we have donated to Tusk Trust for the birth of their two other children.  Find our more about this charity at:

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Departed Members

Harvey E. Oyer, Jr.

Our Society is sad to see the passing of one of our Founding members, Harvey E. Oyer, Jr., on December 18th, 2010.  Harvey was not only a Founding charter member, but he was also a strong supporter of our Society financially; he promoted our Society constantly; he attended almost every event since our 2007 inception; he provided guidance and input on every issue since our foundation; and he was the public contact for our Society.  Harvey and his gentle, caring, history-loving soul will be greatly missed by all.

Richard Koppe, Jr.

Our Society is sad to see the passing of one of our newer members, Richard Koppe, Jr.  Richard was funny, intelligent, and a joy to be around.  His surprise passing was a great shock to our members who will miss him greatly.  He will be missed by all who knew him.  Richard passed away in early Fall 2011.

Dr. Gerald Jones

Our Society regretfully notes the passing of Dr. Gerald Jones, the beloved husband of our former Vice President, Elizabeth Sharland-Jones.  Gerald was a kind, gentle soul who was a delight to be around.  He passed away in January of 2012.  His loss is felt by all the membership.  

George C. J. Moore, Esq.

Our Society was shocked to learn of the passing of member, and noted international barrister, George C. J. Moore.  George was a funny, friendly, internationally-successful man who brought joy to those around him.  It was a privilege and delight to have him both as a speaker and member.  George passed in March 2013.

Judge Henry Logan, Retired

Our Society was saddened to learn of the passing of long-term member, retired Judge Henry Logan, of New York and Palm Beach.  His dear, warm smile and desire to instill knowledge in others will be greatly missed by all.  It was a privilege to know him and have him as a member of our Society as he was so active in many worthy organizations besides ours.  "The Judge" passed away on March 5, 2016.

John P. Veasy, Jr. aka Capt. Jack

Our Society is saddened to learn of the passing of former member John P. Veasy, Jr aka "Capt. Jack".  He was very supportive of our Society, not long after our formation.  His advise as we grew was invaluable.  He was president of the Circumnavigator's Club of Palm Beach when they decided to co-sponsor our first fashion show & luncheon in March 2016.  Jack passed in September 2016.